Friday, October 8, 2010

Despite, or Because Of

Got to the 6:30 class today, and I am so happy I did. I normally don't go to the 6:30 class even though my body responds to the yoga best at night (plus it's way hotter!) because I get home much later than I prefer to and it makes it more difficult to get to sleep. Due to car circumstances, however, along with other things, this was the class I ended up going to; and I am incredibly glad that I did.

There was a fantastic energy in the room, everyone was working to their maximum. I absolutely love the heat and my studio has a problem getting super hot, so I always appreciate the heat of the evening classes. Plus when I'm in kind of a shitty mood, I like my yoga to be so intense that I can't possibly focus on anything other than whatever posture I am in at that moment. It wasn't quite that hot today, but the heat was great regardless. Incredible.

For some reason I have had a hard time balancing in Standing Bow; I think it may be a combination of lack of focus and going farther than I'm used to, but mainly lack of focus unfortunately. Sometimes it's hard to get the mind reined in.

I got my head closer than I ever have in Standing Separate Leg Stretching, but still no forehead to the floor! In time it will happen, I'm sure.

In Locust I got my both legs up pretty high, I haven't gotten them that high in a while. It was nice! But in the separate leg part of it, for some reason my legs don't seem to be up as high. In Floor Bow today though, I actually had my knees in line with my shoulders, two wheels in one base. I've been working really hard on that and it was nice to get it today, although tomorrow will probably be much different.

All in all, a fantastic class. I can't wait to go back to class tomorrow. I truly love this yoga. It may not get rid of whatever I'm feeling, but it sure helps a whole hell of a lot.

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